Reviews of the Queen of the Castle Online Slot

Occasionally, the themes used by developers for slot machines might be a major detriment. However, to make up for the lack of originality in the topic, they often provide mind-blowing rewards. A true slots player would not care much about the theme, so long as the machine pays well. If you are a player of this caliber, you should try playing Queen of the Castle by NextGen. The title could lead you to believe that the queen is an adult lady, but this is not the case. The developer made a little girl the queen of the large castle, who is advised by a dog. This is what we meant when we indicated that certain slot machine themes may be quite bizarre.

But since Queen of the Castle is a very lucrative slot machine, we felt compelled to provide you with a full evaluation so that you don’t judge a book by its cover. Ready to discover everything about the game’s rules and rewards?

How to Play the Online Slot Game Queen of the Castle

If you’re a fan of NextGen, you’re likely aware that its more recent slots feature a fresh layout and are compatible with all devices. Load the online slot Queen of the Castle on an Android or iOS mobile device or a desktop computer, and the large circle button will appear on the right side of the screen. You can alter its location in the future; we will explain how.

The spin button is located in the middle of this circular button for the time being. It is surrounded by three bars, plus and minus indicators next to some coins, and an autoplay button. While it is evident that the autoplay button may be used to initiate up to 100 autospins and that the + and – buttons can be used to raise or reduce the wager, you should be aware that the three bars button contains the settings. Here, you may modify the volume of the game’s audio via the speaker. Following the coins are the autospin button and finally the coins themselves. When you click on them, you will see your betting possibilities. They range from 0.40 and 100 credits. Given that you’ll be playing the slot machine with 40 coins and 576 possibilities to win, the coin value ranges from 0.01 to 2.5 credits. Then, you will see a real settings button where you may customize the location of the enormous circle button and the visual effects’ quality. The last button is the I button, which displays the paytable.

When you enter the paytable, the young girl, the queen, will greet you. She will serve as the slot’s wild symbol, while the shield with the bonus phrase will serve as the scatter. The scatter will only occur on the middle reels and will award 120 coins when it does. The next symbol is the banner with the game’s emblem, which awards 20 coins, followed by the dog, which awards 12 coins. The gold bag grants 10 coins, while the throne emblem grants 9 coins. The orange and blue gems provide eight coins, while the pink and green gems yield seven. The royals from A to J provide six coins for five-of-a-kind combinations.

Queen of the Castle’s Special Symbols and Free Spins

The queen wild may appear stacked on the reels and substitutes for all symbols outside the two dispersed symbols when forming winning combinations. We highlighted one of the dispersed symbols, the shield bonus scatter, which will assist you in triggering the free spins. However, the second scatter symbol will be pretty handy in the remaining bonus features of the Queen of the Castle online slot. The free spins are referred to as the queen of the castle bonus, and you initially get 14 free spins for hitting three bonus scatter symbols. All symbols that caused the effect, as well as any others that land, are turned into crown symbols. When these crowns emerge, the tower will gather them. The crown is the second symbol dispersed.

Locked Reels is a random bonus feature that may be activated at any time during gameplay. Vines will encircle and lock the three center reels. They will do one spin concurrently and display identical symbols in neighboring spots.

The red mystery chest reveal feature is activated when all places on the first reel are filled with red mystery chests and the lowest-paying royals are replaced with stacked red mystery chests. If the red mystery chests partly materialized in the first reel, the red mystery chest nudge will complete their appearance. At the conclusion of the spin, the chests will reveal identical symbols.

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